Residential Title Searches



Probity Title’s roots are in the residential title search market like many other abstracting companies. And we have done thousands of residential title searches, again like many other abstracting companies.

But what separates us from the pack is our delivery.  We deliver complete and accurate searches in less than 24 hours with unparalleled professionalism and customer service at a reasonable price.

In other words you don’t get excuses.  You get results.

We provide Residential Title Searches in many counties in the following states, TX, FL, CA, OK, MI, MN, TN, MO, NC, GA, MI, NV, AZ, and many more.

Here are some of the types of residential title searches we offer:

REO Searches

Property Searches

Current Owner Searches

24 Month Current Owner Searches

2 Year Searches

Full Title Searches

30, 40, 50 Year Searches

Update Searches

Tax Lien Searches

Contact us to get a complete list of services and pricing.